A Pilates Studio By Any Other Name…

With a proliferation of fitness trends and associated studios, it can often be overwhelming or confusing when trying to choose where to invest your time. Should you attend a generic gym? A yoga-specific studio? Crossfit? A particular martial arts or one of those dance-the-fat-away classes? Let’s say you’ve settled on Pilates as your activity of choice. Well, sadly, that doesn’t necessarily make it any easier, as dozens of Pilates studios sport similar or identical names, and there seems little that sets any of them apart aside from the instructor names, class times, and maybe a different piece of equipment here and there.

Among all this fluff and fitness confusion, Pilates Plus San Diego stands tall, head-and-shoulders above the crowd. Why?

First off, Pilates Plus San Diego is able to trace its instructing heritage just two generations removed from the actual developer and founder of the Pilates system—Josef Pilates. As such, Pilates Plus San Diego has always sought to continue the core heritage of the original Pilates program, without watering it down with trends, gimmicks, or commercialized routines that don’t add any true value. Pilates Plus San Diego desires substance over image, and quality over quantity in everything we do.

At the same time, Pilates Plus San Diego pairs the fundamentals with education, informing all class attendees as to exactly how their minds and bodies are benefiting from the moves and routines they’re going through. All instructors possess in-depth knowledge of Pilates and incorporate a teaching approach within the classroom environment—with the main instructor himself possessing 25 years of Pilates teaching experience! This increases the quality of the results participants experience, and empowers them to understand what they’re doing and why, rather than just mindlessly going through the motions.

What’s the “Plus” about then? One thing you can be sure—it’s not bringing in flash-in-the-pan programming or trying to sell participants on equipment or gear that doesn’t provide any real benefit. Instead, Pilates Plus San Diego also offers massage, acupuncture, and other health-oriented services to improve members’ quality of life. It’s this combination of originality and versatility that continues to set Pilates Plus San Diego apart from any other studio in the area.

So if you’ve been searching for that Pilates studio that is grounded on the basics, provides long-term results, and promotes a lifestyle of health and fitness versus just hawking the latest trend, you’ll find exactly what you need here. From kids to adults to senior citizens, Pilates Plus San Diego is a home for everyone!

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