Our Clients

Pilates Plus provides balance and strength programs in individual and small group settings for clients of all ages and fitness levels. Our clients are young, urban professionals, kids, athletes, senior citizens, expectant mothers, dancers, those just starting a fitness program, those re-starting exercise, those with chronic illness and pain issues. In other words, you!

For Athletes

Pilates Plus serves athlete clients of all types, including tennis, golf, runners, and dancers.
Of particular emphasis is the “one-side dominant” athlete; we teach the sports client to strengthen
the entire body with specific attention to the sport for increased balance and performance.

Illness & Injury

Pilates Plus provides comprehensive attention to those clients with chronic illness, injuries or other limitations. We have worked with Parkinson’s Disease patients, autistic youth, and those with chronic pain, whether due to injury or age-related conditions. We focus on the condition of the individual, not just the condition. Increased balance, flexibility have allowed our special needs clients to enjoy greater ease of movement and quality of daily life.

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