New Years…New Resolutions…Tried-and-True Pilates techniques

It never fails, does it?

One year ends and the new one rolls up, fresh and sparkling, and it’s time to make resolutions! Most of these end up revolving around health in some way or another, whether losing way, getting stronger, or maybe training to finish that marathon you’ve always wanted to do. Now, resolutions in themselves are great. It’s wonderful to set positive goals for yourself and pursue them, but the issue lies in the fact that most people abandon their goals by the end of the first month.

Why? Because often people try to cram tons of new habits and new techniques into their routine and they become intimidated because these “new” resolutions aren’t familiar or habitual in any way. They then eventually fall back on what’s comfortable and what they’re used to, even if it winds up being unhealthy for them in the long run.

With Pilates, though, that dilemma is no longer in play! That’s because at Pilates Plus San Diego, we base all our classes and moves on the core Pilates approaches and techniques that have been in effect ever since the system was first created by Joseph Pilates back in the 1920s. Fads come and go, unnecessary equipment gets more expensive, and people switch from one diet to another in the hopes of getting more fit. But at our studio, we simply stick to the concepts that we know work…and it doesn’t just work for a few people, but it works for practically everyone, young and old, at any stage of health and fitness.

So our resolution for 2014 isn’t necessarily to drastically change what we offer and how we teach classic Pilates moves and systems. Instead, we resolve to continue to grow and expand the many ways and places we can offer our services and classes to the public. We resolve to be there to help you meet your fitness and health goals, giving you peace of mind knowing that the steps taken are reliable and will get the results you want in the long term—without the guilt or discouragement that more transitory resolutions might incur.

Happy New Year from your friends at Pilates Plus San Diego! We can’t wait to see what sort of adventures we share together in 2014.

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