What are the essential tools you need for a Pilates program?

DSCN0010Seems like almost every week, another fitness instructor (famous or otherwise) is introducing a new tool, toy, or gimmick to add to established Pilates programs. Why? What do these additions truly bring to Pilates that wasn’t already there?

Now, Pilates definitely can involve certain types of equipment, like mats, fitness and medicine balls, blocks, elastic bands, and everything else that’s necessary to correctly work your way through a session (don’t forget to include comfortable workout clothes in there too!). But what do I mean by “necessary” and how can you tell if a new fitness product is actually going to help you improve your Pilates performance?

I’ve come up with a few warning signs that are good indicators if the latest device is actually worth considering or is just the latest attempt to part Pilates students from their hard-earned money:

The reality is, the classic Pilates program already addresses all the strength, balance, and endurance issues that participants will need. It’s not going to be revolutionized overnight by a fresh face bringing the latest fitness device to market. In fact, that sort of thing only tends to complicate one’s ability to focus on what makes Pilates so great in the first place!

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