What Makes Experience So Important?

Pilates Instructor TrainingAlbert Einstein once said that, “The only source of knowledge is experience.” On its surface this quote may seem downright farcical, but once you begin to understand the distinct differences between “knowledge” and “information” you can start to see what Einstein was getting at.

Information is any piece of data that you’ve gathered throughout your lifetime. It might be the Pythagorean Theorem, or perhaps someone made you privy to your friend Joe’s secret addiction to Cadbury Crème Eggs. These are examples of information, and information alone is not going to be terribly useful in your life.

Information alone only gets us so far. We may have a lot of information stored away in our heads that is simply useless without a practical understanding of how to use it. Maybe you know every facet of how to throw a perfect 92 mph fastball, but you’re not going to be able to throw that fastball without a whole lot of real world experience. Experience is what turns all of the useless data points in our heads into real, applicable knowledge.

Once you have the experience and the knowledge to put something into practice, then all bets are off. Armed with these tools your own motivation is the only real limiting factor. Knowledge and experience help us to not only learn something, but to truly understand it. Knowledge allows us to grow and cultivate an intimate understanding and familiarity with a subject, and eventually to contribute our own developments to the field.

We all have our own unique experiences that make us the individuals that we are. Each one of us has a distinct knowledge that allows us to contribute, share and grow with each other and on our own.

At Pilates Plus San Diego we have long prided ourselves on our experience. We were one of the first Pilates studios in the San Diego area, and we have used our years of experience to cultivate a deep and persistent knowledge of our craft. We like to say that, “Experience Matters,” and we believe that our experience allows us to deliver one of the most innovative and effective Pilates practices anywhere.

The thing about knowledge is that it begs to be shared. Fortunately, we love to share it! We take great pride in our experience, and we are always happy to share the things we’ve learned through many years of practice with all kinds of students. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, experienced or a first-timer, at Pilates Plus San Diego we can find a perfect way to keep you feeling healthy and happy. Why are we so confident in our ability to do this? The answer is simple: we’ve been doing it for decades.

Albert Camus said that, “You cannot create experience, you must undergo it.” During many years teaching Pilates and working as fitness professionals we have undergone a great deal of experience. Now we’d like to bring that experience to you. Come visit the studio and find out why Pilates Plus San Diego has been successful for so many years. Meet our instructors, take a class, learn something new,n and you’ll quickly start to see why experience matters.

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